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Working for Temptation Gifts

Want to be part of a great team? 

Temptation Gifts is a multi-award-winning retailer with high street branches in Amersham, Berkhamsted, Henley-on-Thames, Newbury, Beaconsfield, Bracknell and Windsor as well as a hard-working warehouse team and an ever-expanding e-commerce department. 

When we're looking, we're looking for friendly, hard-working, enthusiastic people who have a real passion for retail.

Current Vacancies

    The Stores

    We have stores in Amersham, Berkhamsted, Beaconsfield, Henley on Thames, Windsor, Newbury and Bracknell as well as a Warehouse at our Head Office in Chesham. When we are looking for new team members we are looking for friendly, enthusiastic, hard- working people!

    In the stores we take on full timers and flexitimers As we work seven days a week, all staff must be prepared to do their fair share of weekends but we also take on a couple of ‘ weekends only’ staff.

    Our philosophy has always been ‘Shopping should be fun’ and if it’s going to be fun for the customers then it’s got to be enjoyable for the staff.

    Forty years ago – when we opened a small store in Berkhamsted – it was fairly unusual to be ‘greeted’ when you walked into a shop. We decided that each and every customer should be made to feel welcome when they visited our store so we try to say hello to each and every customer.

    So all employees are expected to look, sound and be enthusiastic as the only thing more contagious than enthusiasm is… lack of enthusiasm.  We have no room for mood hoovers!

    Full time is fairly straightforward – it means five days a week! 9a.m. to 5.45p.m. (and slightly shorter hours when you work a Sunday)

    Flexi time means that you will be guaranteed a certain number of hours each week – normally 20 or 24 but will be asked to ‘step up’ to extra hours when the store needs more cover – i.e. at seasonal times or to cover holidays etc.

    The Warehouse

    Our warehouse serves the stores and is based in Chesham. It generally operates only Monday to Friday but weekend working is required at seasonal times. Here we take delivery of all retail stock, check, price up etc and allocate to the stores. We normally look for some temps to join us in October.

    The Web - Based in Chesham

    e-Commerce – Marketing Department

    These ‘web-sters’ work behind the scenes to ensure that the sites work well, are found by thousands of customers and display our gifts to their best advantage. We have some very experienced staff in the marketing department but each year we normally take on one or two marketing assistants who are looking to train in all things web related.

    e-Commerce - Customer Service

    We have a small team in Customer Service who man our phones 7 days a week, deal with any queries that come in and download hundreds of orders each day. In September each year we generally take on a temp or two who can help with the Christmas rush.

    e-Commerce - Distribution - Fulfilment & Stock

    If you like being on your feet all day (beats going to the gym) then this is the place for you. We pick, personalise and pack! It’s a busy, friendly environment and the team consists of ten full timers and three part timers.


    In September we start to recruit temps and have training days all the way through to the start of December. To join us as a web temp you need to be available 4 days a week (Monday through til Sunday) between 8.30am and 5.30pm.

    When we are recruiting we will advertise the specific position on this page so please take a look and get in touch if you see something that is suitable for you.

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