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About TY

Ty International is a major manufacturer of soft toys and beanies, most famous for the Beanie Baby craze which swept first America and then the world in the 1990s.

Their latest range of the irresistibly cuddly Beanie Boos turned into a huge craze around the world as well, and now TY is expanding their range to include licenced plush character toys from children's books and films! Not only do these lovable critters have super soft fur, they have beautiful big eyes that no-one can resist. With dozens to choose from, all with an adoring look that says ‘Come and cuddle me’, you’ll want to collect the whole set!

Temptation Gifts are proud to have been a major retailer of Beanie Babies, and our high street stores have been credited by many in the gift industry as having been one of the key factors behind the explosion of the craze in the UK.

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