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Dunoon:Recommended Online Retailer

Dunoon's Recommended Online Retailer

About the Brand

Established in the early 1970s, Dunoon Ceramics Ltd is a world-renowned British company with the very highest standards in quality and design.

Dunoon source their clays from Cornwall, England, and still use traditional skills and methods to forge their mugs.

Equally as important as the physical craft of the mug is the aesthetic craft of the design. These are created by a talented ‘in-house’ design team and a wide portfolio of gifted freelance artists, many of whom have been associated with Dunoon for over 25 years.

Throughout every stage of the manufacturing process each one of their products is handled by a skilled craftsman, maintaining Dunoon's reputation of nearly 40 years of excellence in pottery making.

Shared Values

TemptationGifts has been trading with Dunoon Mugs for 30 years, and everyone involved is immensely proud of our long-standing collaboration.

We have stocked Dunoon mugs in our shops ever since our very first day of trading, long before the internet even existed. We now carry literally hundreds of designs, and TemptationGifts is now the Recommended Online Retailer of Dunoon Mugs.

It is a testament to our commitment to excellence in care and customer service that one of the country's biggest ceramic manufacturers would bestow on us such an important and emphatic endorsement. Both companies began as - and still are - family-run businesses, and have demonstrated a knack for longevity and stability. The simple truth is that both Dunoon and Temptation share the same set of values and high standards, which is what makes our unique partnership so enduring.


Dunoon offers literally hundreds of designs of mug, and in multiple shapes. Despite the sheer volume of variety, we stock as much Dunoon as we physically can, offering by far the most comprehensive choice of Dunoon products anywhere online - or offline for that matter!

Not only do we sell hundreds of mugs, but we physically hold stock in each of them, all at once. That means they are ready for immediate dispatch and can be with you sooner rather than later.

Being the Best

If ever we do find ourselves out of stock of a particular mug and you really need it within a certain time frame, in many cases we can have you mugs specially made and sent on quickly. So even if you see a mug on our site marked "out of stock" we're probably still your best bet!

If you have any queries regarding our Dunoon mugs, our customer service team are on hand to assist you.

Email [email protected] or call 01494 79042 if you have any enquiries, Dunoon or otherwise.

Video Presentation - Dunoon & TemptationGifts

An insight into the unique relationship between Dunoon Ceramics & Temptation Gifts,
and the journey taken by each mug from clay to customer.

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