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Find a gift your Girlfriend will love!

She should be treated well, whether it’s for keeps or just for now! A girlfriend likes to be pampered and treated so our fun and fashionable gifts are guaranteed to make her happy! From bath bombs to cuddly toys, fun accessories to chic jewellery, we’ve got plenty to make her happy!

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  1. Yankee Candle Water Garden Scenterpiece Melt Cup
    Special Price £4.79 £5.99
  2. Yankee Candle Winter Wonder Wax Melt
    Special Price £1.43 £1.79
  3. Yankee Candle Sweet Bunny Treats Large Jar Candle
    Special Price £16.79 £23.99
  4. East of India Matchbox Sheep
    Special Price £5.39 £5.99
  5. Emma Bridgewater Pink Hearts Deep Rectangular Tin
    Special Price £8.55 £9.50
  6. East of India ‘Here For You Always’ Heart Token
    Special Price £4.05 £4.50
  7. Yankee Candle Water Garden Medium Jar Candle
    Special Price £12.00 £19.99
  8. Yankee Candle Garden Picnic Medium Jar Candle
    Special Price £12.00 £19.99
  9. Yankee Candle Calamansi Cocktail Large Jar Candle
    Special Price £19.19 £23.99
  10. Yankee Candle Frosty Gingerbread Sampler Votive Candle
    Special Price £1.59 £1.99
  11. Yankee Candle Pink Sands Reed Diffuser
    Special Price £17.99 £19.99
  12. Yankee Candle Pecan Pie Bites Pack of 12 Tealights
    Special Price £5.59 £6.99
  13. East of India ‘You are Loved’ Porcelain Pebble
    Special Price £3.59 £3.99
  14. Dunoon Floral Breeze Sweet Peas Richmond Shape Mug
    Special Price £18.50 £19.95
  15. Emma Bridgewater Greenhouse Tin
    Special Price £7.19 £7.99
  16. Yankee Candle Sweet Honeycomb Small Jar Candle
    Special Price £6.29 £8.99
  17. Dunoon Shore Life Fish Boat Bute Shape Mug
    Special Price £15.50 £16.50
  18. East of India ‘Love You’ Heart Token
    Special Price £4.05 £4.50
  19. Sara Miller Deep Rectangular Green Birds Tin
    Special Price £8.55 £9.50
  20. Emma Bridgewater Pink Hearts Large Heart Shaped Tin
    Special Price £11.69 £12.99
  21. Ted Baker Black Opal A5 Notebook and Sticky Notes
    Special Price £12.99 £19.99
  22. Yankee Candle Sweet Orange Spice Large Elevation Candle
    Special Price £17.99 £23.99

Items 1-30 of 499

Set Ascending Direction
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