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On Trend Gifts

Looking for inspiration? On Trend has been curated by Temptation Gifts to highlight a fun mix of lifestyle and seasonal trends, with a handpicked selection of products we know you’ll love and enjoy!

Hello inquisitive browser, we’d like to welcome you to our ‘On Trend’ department. Designed to inspire you (or at the very least save you some precious time), this is a place where we highlight popular, trendy, fun and wacky gifts that we have handpicked for you from the bazillions of products we offer on this website.

Feel free to peruse the various categories at your leisure, and make sure you pop back from time to time as we are constantly changing the department to offer you the very latest seasonal gift ideas!

If you have a spare moment and you would like a flavour of categories we have curated for you please allow me to explain…

Gin or Prosecco? In the world of trendy drinks these two are causing a ‘stir’. If you enjoy a dash of delicious Gin (and who doesn’t?), or you’re ‘celebrating’ a special occasion with a splash of Prosecco, we’ve got a great selection of gift ideas for you! There’s some stylish glassware that will look fabulous at cocktail parties, some Gin scented candles, or even some prosecco scented bath bombs if you’re into that kind of thing.

‘Outdoor Fun’ offers a range of entertaining and (sometimes) practical gift ideas for those of us who love to spend time in the great outdoors. Whether you’re playing games in the park, relaxing on the beach, hiking in the woods or camping at a festival, we have the gifts for every eventuality! We have Shoe Skins that protect your favourite footwear from the elements, the Waboba Wingman and the Hot Potato Splash Game for some family fun, and some picnics bags for when you want a picnic…

We Love Dinosaurs! These gigantic Jurassic creatures have been resurrected from extinction with our awesome range of dino-themed gifts! Perfect for your little ones, we have an exciting array of dinosaur lights for their bedroom, melamine Dinosaur lunch accessories for mealtimes and cuddly Dino plush toys for playtimes!

Eco-Friendly Gifts. All of us want to preserve the weird and wonderful planet that we live on. In our efforts to become more eco-conscious we have compiled a selection of gifts that will help to rid the world of those evil single-use plastics! Here you’ll find reusable Travels Mugs, drinking straws and shopping bags, bamboo lunch accessories and more!

Celebrate the occasion with our fun and fabulous collection of laser-cut 3D Cards – because two-dimensional cards can sometimes fall ‘flat’. I’m sorry…. I’ll get my coat. Anyway, whether it’s a birthday, wedding, special anniversary or Christmas, we’ll have the perfect card for the occasion! From dinosaurs to dancers, flowers to champagne flutes, or golfers to guitars, each card features a unique design that adds an extra dimension and is sure to be treasured!

Wild Planet. Whether you’re a fan of enchanting elephants, mischievous monkeys, serene sloths or lovable lions, we have a beautiful selection of gifts that celebrate wild and wonderful world of the animal kingdom! We have an adorable selection have plush toys from Jellycat, some magnificent mugs from Wrendale, giant framed photographic prints, and so much more!

Welcome to the magical land of the Unicorns – where the clouds are made from pink candyfloss, the sky is scattered with glitter and sparkles, and mermaids play in rivers that flow with multi-coloured sweets. If you like the sound of that then you’ll love our selection of unicorn and rainbow themed gifts! Featuring mystical Bath Bombs, adorable Huggler Wrist Bands, Unicorn cookbooks, fruity scented pens, plush toys and lunchtime accessories!

High Street Bestsellers. Unlike many websites, is backed by an award-winning retail operation with over 30 years' experience and 6 high street stores in the Home Counties. Here we will show you our best selling products from our shops that represent great value and are absolutely flying off our shelves (not literally!).

Fab-U-lous Flamingos is a place where you will find a bunch of fun and fashionable gifts celebrating this fabulously flamboyant pink bird! We have flamingo themed mugs from Dunoon, bags, tea towels and oven gloves from Sophie Allport, cosmetic mirrors and sticky notes from Sara Miller, and the list continues!

And finally, if you’ve bothered to read all of that we’d like to thank you for your remarkable patience, and have fun shopping with us!

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