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Poo Pourri collection at Temptation Gifts

Stop Bathroom odour BEFORE it begins and leave the toilet smelling better than you found it!


Poo Pourri Toilet Spray is a pure blend of natural essential oils that creates a barrier on the surface of the toilet water, trapping bad smells under the surface. Want to know how it works? Read more.

Poo Pourri Information

Poo Pourri Toilet Spray

There's nothing worse than a smelly bathroom. Especially when you're the guilty one inside, frantically trying to mask the odours before someone catches wind of what's just happened. If only there was a way to live free from bathroom shame...well now there is! With Poo-Pourri, the before-you-go toilet spray, you can leave the toilet smelling better than you found it!

With a bottle of Poo-Pourri in your bag, you can forever be free from awkwardness and social embarassment, whether at work, at a partner's house, at a party, or at any number of other situations where you've just got to go! Poo Pourri provides a classy, sassy, and ultra effective solution a problem faced by millions on a daily basis, and it really works! (yes, even for men!)

Don't believe us? Find out for yourself with one of our brilliant fragrances. Every single one of them has no alcohol, no aerosol, and was completely free from animal testing! That means you will leave neither a guilty conscience nor a bad smell behind!

Poo Pourri
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