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Bring back fond memories of home or your favourite holiday destination around England with the Home County Candle collection. At Home County Candle Co they truly believe that each county has its own distinctive character and story to tell, and their collection brings you an eco-conscious range of candles and reed diffusers with fragrances inspired by each of English counties.

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The Story of Home County Candle Co

Young couple Hannah and Oli Goundry always knew they wanted to work together. With Hannah’s background in marketing and Oli in sales they knew they would make a great team! Their candle journey started when they bought a simple candle-making kit online and decided to “give it a go”. Learning through online tutorials how to form and pour wax, they perfected their candles with care, practicing repeatedly and refining the process down to the exact detail.

Growing up in two neighbouring counties, the couple often teased each other about the county they grew up in, having a ‘County Rivalry’. When driving from one county into another, they often noted that there were noticeable differences in the landscape, architecture, and the shape of the countryside. This is what gave them the idea for a candle collection, with each distinctive fragrance representing a different county, evoking memories of holidays, home and precious moments relating to each unique place.

Using surveys, they asked friends and family to describe the county they lived in and what it meant to them. Armed with this information they have been able to work with experienced fragrance houses to source and create unique fragrance blends which they believe best represents each county. For example, the fond memory of wild blackberry piking in the Chiltern hills inspired the Buckinghamshire fragrance “Cedar and Wild Berries”.

In 2019, Home County Candle Co caught the attention of Theo Paphitis, who shared information about their business on his Twitter account. Every week Theo Paphitis encourages small businesses to tweet him about themselves. He then reviews all those which have entered and then retweets his favourite six going to 500,000 of his followers. The exposure this gave them allowed them to move their business forward.

Since their humble beginnings, pouring candles in their kitchen, Home County Candle Co. moved to a larger warehouse and have expanded the company with a small team who help pour and package each candle with love and care.

Home County Candle Co. currently offer a range of different fragrances and are continuing to grow, hoping to create even more unique county fragrances. They continue to do market research by asking their customers what they would like and drawing on their inspiration to perfect just the right fragrance combination to represent the British counties. They are currently working on new fragrances so watch this space…

Eco-Friendly Candles

From early on, Hannah and Oli wanted their candles to be as eco-friendly as possible. They chose soy wax for their luxury candles not only because it gives a much cleaner burn, but it is also 100% natural, sustainable, and vegan friendly. They also opted for wooden “booster” wicks which create a wider flame for a better fragrance throw. These are more sustainable than cotton wicks, which take a lot of water to produce. Booster wicks give a subtle crackle reminiscent of an open fire which you will hear when in a quiet room.

The couple made the decision to source all their ingredients from UK suppliers and work with experienced fragrance houses to blend and source unique scents for each county. All their packaging is also sourced from local suppliers from materials which can be recycled.

The Process Of Making A Home County Candle

Each wooden wick is measured and cut to an exact size, placed into a metal holder, and fixed to the bottom of the glass vessel. Soy wax chips are heated and melted and when the wax gets to temperature it is taken out to be hand poured in small batches at a time.

Each specific fragrance is added to a small batch, with just a few candles poured at a time - this allows for the fragrance to be distributed evenly, giving each candle the same scent potency and throw. To avoid unsightly air bubbles caused by wax shrinkage around the glass, the empty glass vessels for the candles are kept in a heated cabinet and taken out just before being poured into, so that the soy wax can cool slowly and solidify evenly, adhering fully to the glass.

Once poured the candles are left to cool for 24 hours, then each candle is hand-labelled and packaged, ready for you the customer!

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