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Personalised Goose Creek Candles

Personalised Goose Creek Candles

Available exclusively from TemptationGifts

We all love fragranced candles. Beautiful scents have the power to evoke memories of special moments and occasions shared between good friends and family. That's why you choose them as presents for those near and dear to you more than any other gifts.

And now, presenting a candle to someone you care for can be made even more personal!  We've made it possible to personalise your chosen Goose Creek Candle with an exclusive label featuring your own photo and message for a truly unique, thoughtful gift. 


Rotating Personalised Goose Creek CandlesYou can personalise the Goose Creek candle of your choice in five quick steps:

  1. Choose your candle. Personalised label can be added to any Goose Creek candle.
  2. Tick "Add Personalised Label".
  3. Upload your photo. Choose one from your collection (taken either by camera, phone or tablet) or use one from our own photo gallery.
  4. Add your personal header and message. Check the preview of your personalisation to make sure everything is as you wish.
  5. Choose quantity and press Add To Cart. Voilà!


We will then produce a high quality print including both your photo and message, complete with metallic gold border which then will be carefully hand applied to the back of your candle, leaving the original Goose Creek Candle label intact at the front.

From celebrating wedding, anniversaries and birthdays, to cherishing special moments with friends and remembering those who have passed away, personalised Goose Creek Candles are perfect for expressing sentiments to those special people in our lives.


Personalised Goose Creek Candles


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