We heart Yankee

The Yankee Candle Company prides themselves on being ‘The worlds best loved candles’ and they have taken over the UK candle market by storm in recent years.

But where did it start?

The Yankee Candle Story

On a cold, December night in South Hadley, Massachusetts, a 16-year-old high school student sat at his family's kitchen table. Christmas was just around the corner and he didn't have any money to buy a gift for his mother. Fortunately, his desperation led to inspiration.

He decided to make a candle for his mom because it would be a completely unique and personal gift something she would really appreciate. He also knew she was a little nostalgic, too, and that memories and emotions were important to her. Best of all, she loved to celebrate the holidays.

So he created a simple candle from everyday materials he found there in the kitchen: household wax, a red crayon, some string for a wick and a milk carton for the mould. A neighbour happened to see the candle before he could give it to his mother and was so impressed, she convinced him to sell it to her. With his newfound wealth, the teenager bought enough materials to make two new candles one for his mother and another to sell. And that's how Yankee Candle was born.

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Here at Temptation Gifts we stock just over 80 fragrances which is constantly growing, but what’s your favourite?

Here are some of the Temptatino Gift's team favourites:

Our Favourites

Moroccan Argan Oil

AR : Moroccan Argan Oil because it reminds me of my holidays to Morocco!Moroccan Argan Oil

Lisa: The scent I currently love is Sweet Strawberry because, well who doesn’t love the smell of fresh strawberries

Ola: I’ve always loved the scent of Jasmine flowers (I’ve even planted Jasmine in my garden hoping to enjoy the “real thing” in the spring and summer!) and have been buying different Jasmine candles for years to fill my living room with its gentle fragrance. Midnight Jasmine is amongst my very favourites – strong, fresh and not overly sweet. Perfect in the summer to bring home the scent of outdoors, and in the colder months to bring back the memory of the summer!

Becca: I am normally a sucker for a sweet smelling candle, often food based, but recently I have been loving the Soft Blanket fragrance, perfect for totally refreshing a room a clean fragrance  but with a hint of vanilla that keeps it sweet! 

Anne: I love Christmas memories, it evokes that happy time of year, but it’s not just for Christmas!

Gary: I like Cranberry Pear because it reminds me of sweets from my childhood

Kane: Garden Sweet Pea is my current favourite, it reminds me of watermelon!

Callum: I'm a Sweet Strawberry fan, i love the fruity sweetness

Sharon- You can't beat the Vanilla Cupcake fragrance because of it's subtle smell

Gabby- I love Summer Scoop because it smells like ice cream of course!

Warren- Fireside Treats reminds me of the smells from cooking marshmallows on a bonfire so that is absolutley one of my favourites!

Bex- I like Champaca Blossom because it reminds me of a summer evenings spent outside

Neil -I'm going to go with Red Raspberry as it makes me think of raspberry ripple ice-cream

Pam- Definitley Clean Cotton it smells like freshly washed clothes on the line 






So what’s to come from Yankee Candle?


Cafe Cultures

 The Cafe Cultures collection is Yankee Candles next collection, coming to shelves April 2015 

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Yankee Fact!
Did you know that Yankee have a committee dedicated to researching fragrances. Once the committee recommend a candle, a separate group of individuals from throughout the company test it for authenticity of fragrance and quality of burn! – Dream job anyone?