It’s been a pretty crazy last month or so here at Temptation. Not only have we migrated to a shiny new website (which we hope you’ve grown to love as much as we do) but we’ve also been getting prepared for Christmas.

Christmas and the months leading up to it usually provide a boon to pretty much any company, but it’s difficult to think of a business it affects more than a gift company! We get rather excited about the festive season, but it can be difficult to judge when to start ‘promoting’ Christmas: too soon and people can become wary; too late and we could have missed out on potential business.

One of the great new features the new site allows us to do is have an easily accessible list of search terms that all you lovely people are using day to day on the website. For the last couple of weeks, the number one search term has been – you guessed it – Christmas. As such, we thought it would be silly of us not to act upon this information, and so we have been busy bees putting together a fully comprehensive Christmas section to help make seasonal shopping as easy as it can be.

For the majority of the last two weeks, Tom and Lisa have been positively surrounded by all things Christmas, from Santa hats and crackers to earmuffs and fluffy snowmen. They have been covered in glitter that has turned up in all sorts of strange places – something that has become a bit of an initiation! Their tireless work, only interrupted for important tasks such as trying on Father Christmas ties, has helped to create our fantastic new Christmas section, which you can find here.

Amongst the great number of products they’ve photographed and written about, some of their favourites have been the cute animals. Well, who can blame them? At one point, Tom’s desk began to resemble a menagerie of festive creatures, and we’ve tried our best to recreate the effect in the picture below!

Whatever date you choose to begin looking for Christmas presents, we’re confident we’ve got all the options covered at TemptationGifts. So please have a nose around our seasonal section and remember: Christmas shopping can be fun!