The summer brings with it a great many things, one of which is the Great British bastion of the Summer Holiday. These holidays are supposed to be relaxing, but before you can even think about sipping fruit juice by the pool, there’s the stress of packing to negotiate.

To try and relieve a little of that stress, we’ve come up with an Editor’s choice short list of holiday essentials. Remember these five important things and you’re sure to have an enjoyable trip.

Paper Plane Overnight Bag

  1. 1. A bag to pack everything in 
    Packing itself can be a struggle, but it would be even tougher without a bag! On Temptation we’ve got a wide selection of bags, including this Paper Plane overnight bag from Disaster Designs in an appropriate travel style.

  2. 2. Travel toiletries 
    Whether visiting the rough Australian outback or the watery streets of Venice, you should always
    Di Palomo Travel Toiletries
    look after yourself. Hotels can offer a varying array of toiletries, but make sure you take no chances with this these travel essentials in a bag from Di Palomo. Shower gel, hand lotion, conditioning shampoo, face cloth: everything you could need (bar your toothbrush) and all with an irresistible white grape and aloe fragrance. Yes please! _

  3. 3. Something to entertain the kidsGruffalo Playing Cards
    If you’ve got children (whatever the age), they’re going to need something to occupy them on the journey there and back. We have a fantastic range of products from The Gruffalo, including this sound book, guaranteed to keep your little ones engaged while you figure out those pesky directions. Once you’ve arrived at your destination, this pack of snap cards will provide the entertainment, allowing you to settle, get ready, or maybe – if you’re lucky – relax! _

  4. 4. Fun and gamesWaboba Ball
    It’s all very well staying in a lovely location with your friends or family, but for those quieter moments you might want something to do! One of our all-time favourite solutions is the Waboba Ball. This simple but ingenious item is essentially a bouncy ball… but for water! If you’re by the sea or have a spacious swimming pool to take advantage of, the Waboba Ball is a fun and addictive way to spend some time with the people you travelled with. Have a look at the game being played in the video below:


  5. 5. Enjoy yourself!Thumbs Up
    Sadly, we can’t sell pure joy by the basketful, but even if your trip doesn’t go 100% to plan, try and remember to have fun and relax. The holiday is your time, so make the most of it in whichever way you choose. After all, it might be a while before you get another opportunity…
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