September Style

If you’re anything like us, you’ll have been keeping yourself busy this summer, only to look at the calendar and realise it’s already half past August!

That means a huge list of school supplies, and not much time left to spend traipsing round WHSmith, trying to find an overpriced pencil case that’s “cool”, but not “the one that everyone else had last term!”

That’s where we come in..

We’ve discovered the ultimate in back-to-school cool… MadPax. These totally unique backpacks are about to hit the UK with the full force of hurricane Bertha; we can guarantee that if you don’t buy one this September, the kids will be clamouring at your wallet and wearing down your patience before Christmas. Kids are always going to want the latest thing, and these bags are the tween equivalent of the latest sought-after iPhone – they’re all going to want one, and they’ll want it now.

Don’t believe us? Check out these Instagram snaps we found. Kids love MadPax!

Now that you’ve seen our secret weapon, here are some other back-to-school ideas to win you a “World’s Best Parent” award come September...

School Essentials...

Bright Side Pencil Tin - Pens, pencils, and something icky covered in fluff Zoo Eraserz - The cutest way to take care of mistakes Classic My Little Pony Lunch Tin - Pack this tin full of treats for a pony-crazy little one Vitapen Highlighters - A little pen in a little pill Pup Pencil Sharpener - A kid's desktop best friend Happy Jackson Pencil Case - Lovely pencils, fancy pens... Musical Ruler - Hone their musicality early on in life... Little Book Of Awesome - A little book for little thoughts!

Keep 'Em Occupied...

My Sister Is An Alien Storybook - When your patience is wearing thin... Aliens are here for you. Gruffalo Snap Cards - For when the most unbreable boredom strikes! Nuzzles Frog Hat & Mittens - Cute as a frog! (Wait, you mean button?) Friendship Loom Set - Don't go back to class without a Loom Band!

Obviously we'd recommend every single item here, but if you're not armed with at least 3 of these, you might not survive the first term... Don't say we didn't warn you!

Good Luck for September!


Image Credit: Header image: Ryan M. All Instagram images were found by searching the hastag "#madpax" and all images link back to the original image posted.