The Perfect Cup of Tea

With the arrival of new Dunoon last week, the discussion of tea was ripe in the TG Offices.

The new Argyll shape has been described as; “a bucket for tea”, “a kitchen must-have” “a mug to be jealous of” and “the perfect mug for a perfect cup of tea” – but what is a perfect cup of tea?

Dunoon Argyll 

The British Standard's Institution has officially released a guide called "Preparation of a Liquor of Tea for use in Sensory Tests". This basically means that professional organisations and experts collaborated to create a scientific formula for the perfect cup of tea.

 Aside from having a pot made of porcelain and sized between 74mm and 78mm wide! (yes really!) they claim the milk should be put in the cup first..... when a pot is being brewed.

"Tea tastes better if milk is added after boiling water when made in a mug, but if brewed in a pot it is acceptable to add the milk to the cup first, scientists said."

Now we know that not everyone will agree with these ‘official rules’ of ‘tea making’ and we can’t imagine you all stood there with your scales and thermometers at the ready.... just to make a cup of tea!?

The rest of you will argue that it is milk first all the time!

"A study at Loughborough University in 2003 discovered that adding milk after the boil meant that the milk would heat "unevenly" which in turn causes the milk's proteins to clump which affects the taste of the tea negatively."

I put the question out to the office to see how they make their tea;


Anne: Milk last otherwise you don't get the colour... & in a heart mug because I love tea!
AR: Milk last...  I didnt even know milk first was a thing?! 
Jamie: Milk first if you are making a pot, otherwise always last.
Becca: I don't really like tea, therefore milk first & with vanilla tea bags.. like a warm vanilla milkshake! 
Ola: Black tea, with slices of lemon!  
Alex: Milk last, always! 

A simple google of ‘the perfect cup of tea’ will give you a tonne of opinions

But what will it be... milk first... or after? 



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