Love Your Pet Day

Reading is a great way to escape the real world and delve into a creative realm of your choosing. Whether it’s a whimsical women’s fiction or an intense thriller that’s grabbing your attention, the art of getting lost in a book is often a forgotten pleasure.

With all the new technology, games and gripping TV series now available, the act of reading a book is not always seen as the most interesting of ways to spend your time.

A Dutch photographer ‘Reiner Gerritsen’ interestingly started a project photographing people in the New York subway in 2008. It wasn’t until 2011 that he began to notice that as each year passed, more and more people were abandoning printed books in the favour of smartphones and tablets.  See more

Reinier Gerritsen

Reinier Gerritsen - Ayn Rand, Anthem (Reinier Gerritsen, courtesy Julie Saul Gallery,New York)

So how do you get back into reading?

We thought with World Book Day on the 5th March that it was time we celebrated reading!

With over 16 million lapsed readers in the UK, according to new research, just 30 minutes of reading a week can improve your life – sounds promising?

Finding the time to read can understandably be a struggle, especially if you have a busy work and home life, so here are some suggestions that may help;

Join/Start a Book Club; A great way to stay committed, the group community will encourage you to stay focused and meeting up to discuss a book is perfect for exploring new genres and ideas.
Revisit an old favourite book: Reading a book you may have loved when you were young will allow you to travel back and remind yourself why you love reading in the first place.
Try audio-books; Perfect if you are on the go, put one on when you are busy cooking, traveling to work or even just laid in bed.

Treat your Pet

So why not put down your phone, turn the TV off, and make yourself a warm beverage before cosying up in your favourite spot with a book this weekend. 


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