Crumbs Ahoy

It’s National Biscuit Day!

Yes a day devoted the wonderful things that are biscuits. What’s better than settling down with your afternoon cuppa and reaching into the biscuit tin to unearth your favourite biscuit ready for a dunking… or not!

We are a bunch of biscuit lovers here at Temptation Gifts HQ – you don’t dare leave a packet open in the kitchen – they will all be gone with not even a sign of a crumb by the end of the day!

“What’s your favourite biscuit and why?”

I asked the office; 

Ola – Ginger Snaps! – Why? Because they are the best biscuits ever (that’s non-negotiable!)! Especially when dunk in tea or left out to soften for a few days - heaven! Note to self: must buy a packet on the way back from work!

Anne – A chocolate digestive, plain or milk, doesn’t matter, the combination of delicious chocolate with a wholemeal base is the biscuit equivalent of cheesecake to me. I try to avoid them, but my daughter keeps them in the fridge, with one end always open, so it’s just a bit too easy to grab one!

Sara - Party Rings!!! - Who doesn’t like recapturing their childhood with multi-coloured biscuity naughtiness (even when you’re 30-something…..)

Lisa - Custard creams, Party Rings, Choc Chip Cookies, Shortbread…    all scrummy!

Becca – I like the old school favourites that remind me of my childhood, Bourbons… Custard Creams... but Malted Milks might just top it – When I was younger I used to eat around them so that just the big cow was left – they were my fave!

David - Hobnobs! - Because they’re hobbly and nobbly?

Bex - Chocolate digestive - You can’t go wrong, whether it is to dunk in a cheeky cuppa, or just for the Mid-day Munchies.

Mike - Chocolate fingers!  Utterly and totally mor-ish.  Can’t remember the last time I opened a box and didn’t finish it in one go

Christian - Bourbon all the way!!

Pam – Chocolate Digestive Biscuits because they have chocolate on them! And she likes dunking them in her coffee!

Chris - Custard Creams - Brings back childhood memories

Callum - Custard creams - Perfect for a cuppa

Gabby- Fox’s Crunch Creams- They are crunchy and creamy! - You couldn’t ask for more

Sharon - Lemon puff - Sweet and sharp just like me!

Gemma - Chocolate bourbon- Because they are chocolate….

Gary - Dark chocolate digestive (with peanut butter)- just amazing

Jamie - Well mines a bit posh - (M&S) Extremely Chocolatey Dark Chocolate Rounds - More Chocolate than biscuit & the fact it’s one of the few dark chocolate biscuits - What’s not to like?!

Rob - Rich Tea! They go perfectly with a cup of their namesake!

What's your favourite biscuit? 

A fun article from The Telegraph today - National biscuit day: what does your favourite biscuit say about you?

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