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Artist Suzanne Woolcott and husband Grant have come together to bring you the Gorjuss Range of products including stationery, fashion bags and accessories, all featuring the adorable Gorjuss girls. Already available in over 40 countries around the world, Gorjuss is a brand loved by girls and ladies of all ages, with some fans having had Gorjuss designs tattooed on their bodies!

The inspiration of Suzanne Woolcott's art started from her love of portraits and the way it can capture a moment. In Suzanne's view everything that is within the portrait has a meaning, a purpose that adds to the overall message that the artist is trying to portray. All of the Gorjuss girls featured in Suzanne's paintings are undeniably cute, yet none of them have facial features or expressions. The reason for this deliberate artistic decision is so that the meaning of the painting is not seen in the character of the featured girl, but rather we are obligated to look at all the other aspects of the portrait to understand the emotions the artist tried to convey. We hope that amongst our collection of Gorjuss collectable dolls, bags, notebooks, arts and crafts accessories, coasters and many other fabulous gifts featuring Suzanne's Gorjuss designs you'll find something close to your heart and a perfect gift to share with someone special.